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Golden Freddy is one specific animatronic that has a mystery to it. Golden Freddy has a method of getting into the office. The method is that he teleports. He is one of the few hallucinations within the series.  Watch out, because he will crash your game. Golden Freddy's original name was going to be "gold bear".

The reason he is slumped over is that his endoskeleton was removed, which is another interactive character in the series, simply known as "Endo". The child's soul in this animatronic is unable to move its body. As such, it teleports into your room in the games.


  • It is assumed by many that Golden Freddy was the original model of Fredbear. This is not true, as this was simply a golden-yellow coloration of the classic Freddy, nicknamed "Spring Freddy", much like Springtrap's nickname, "Spring Bonnie".

This is Golden Freddy in his normal slouched position due to the lack of a endoskeleton.