This is where the guidelines for page creation will go.


Tabbers are necessary for almost all pages. There is a set order that they should go in. It would be much appreciated if you could follow this so that staff do not have to reset the tabbers.

Here is the order.

FNaF 1 - FNaF 2 - FNaF 3 - FNaF 4 - FNaF SL - FFPS - UCN - FNaF World - Gallery - Audio

No other tabbers should be added to the page. If you require another tabber to be added, please contact RainTheFan-Person on his message wall about your request.

More to be added later.

Page structure

Introduction (DO NOT PUT THIS AS A HEADING) A short summary of the character, including which game they are in and their counterpart animatronics, if they have any.

Appearance A few paragraphs about the character's appearance.

Location Information about where the character starts out when the night begins and proceeds to move.

Behaviours Information about how to ward off a character and when they will attack.

Trivia Self-explanatory. Use bullet points, and do NOT put any speculation here.

Errors and Bugs Self-explanatory. Put errors above bugs, as shown below: Error: Someone's faceplate clips itself. Error: Floating body parts. Bug: The wrong animatronic appears when the player does (x). Bug: Characters disappearing and reappearing as other characters enter and leave rooms.

Speculations Any speculation about a character should go in this section. This section should always be marked with the Speculation template. These must have some evidence to back them up.

References Any references placed anywhere in the page go here.