The "Purple guy" is a suspected killer and has been considered one of the most intriguing characters within the Five Nights At Freddy's plot, for having little information available throughout the entirety of the games, much similar to how the "Bite of '87" was before the second game in the series. He is the main antagonist of Five Nights At Freddy's 3.

Proposed Theories

  • He was the murderer of the 5 children who went on to
    Th (2)

    Purple Guy Death

    possess the animatronics. His death occured by hiding in one of the springtrap suits to hide from the souls of the children but the wires, metal, and springs within the suit malfunctioned, piercing his skin, killing him while covering him with his own blood. One possibility is the purple man is the guy from the phone.

Origin of the name

His title as the "purple man" has originated from his purple appearance in one of the minigames featured in the series. His true name as given from the book The Silver Eyes, is William Afton or his fake name he used Dave Miller.